Kathryn has helped me with a few issues now. She really cares about me and my children. She is passionate, caring and will always tell me the truth and does not sugar coat anything. She is not a lawyer who’s focus is money. She is not concerned about billable hours. She is concerned about her clients and their families. Kathryn will always be my attorney of choice. I am glad there are people in this world like her! Thank you Kathryn!
— Recent Client

Happy Clients


Attorney often get a bad name, and after having 5 attorneys in my custody case, I can understand why. I have had a few good attorneys and some very terrible attorney's, but Kathryn Abele is simply the best. She knows law like none other. She is a real person. Some people can't handle authentic genuine people and she may rub some the wrong way, but she will go to battle for you and get results. She bills in an honest manner, and I will be eternally grateful to her. She got me custody of my son, and I will forever be indebted to her for that. She was always there for me, and always backed me up. If you want an honest attorney that will stand up for your rights as a parent, then she is the one. Thank you Kathryn for all you did for me. You are a good, honest lady, and a great attorney.

— Matthew

I hired Kathryn to help me deal with custody issues that turned very ugly. My ex is one of those high conflict individuals that creates conflict where none exists. He may even qualify as having a PD (personality disorder) like BPD or NPD (as described in the book "Splitting" by Bill Eddy & Randi Kreger). As soon as I began seeing someone new my son's father went crazy and began making accusations of child abuse against my new partner and trying to make my life miserable. 
Kathryn was there to help me even during the off hours when an incident would happen and I did not know how to respond. There were several instances in which I had to contact her early on a Saturday morning and she was always there for me. I always felt bad for bothering her but she never made me feel like it was an issue. I could tell that she cared and just wanted to help. To me, this is going above and beyond your duty as an attorney. Additionally, she always kept me in the loop and informed about what was going on and gave "me" the option to decide what to do and the possible consequences of each option instead of just deciding for me. 

— Recent Client

I still cant believe what Kathryn Abele was able to for me and my son! I now have temp. custody of my son for the upcoming school year after he missed a great portion of scholl last year. She was able to guide me on how the process works and what my legal rights are. She is finacially reasonable and I would recommend her to anyone looking for family law advice. 
Thank you again Kathryn!!!

— Recent Client

Kathryn is a great lawyer and a nice person too. I enjoyed working with her. She is considerate of the client and the costs that might be incurred to the client by her services so she does not recommend any extra stupid things to do that won't help you reach your final goal. She won my relocation case for me. She tried to keep me out of trial and warned me it was a toss up if we went to trial. However, once I saw her in action in court I was thoroughly impressed and she just out lawyered the opposing counsel. I have a friend who is a family law lawyer and he told me the job she did was awesome and I should kiss her feet for the work she did and the outcome she got me. You are definitely in good hands with Kathryn.

— Bobbi


Kathryn is the most honest attorney I've ever dealt with.

When I heard she was suspended because her bar association didn't believe she told the truth when she filed a report on a cop tripping her I was appalled--not because I believed Kathryn would do that--but because someone wouldn't believe she was writing the truth when she wrote the report.

I found Ms Abele to be forthright in her approach, while she's kinda different than the average woman, and completely truthful to me about what should happen in my case and what was happening with her. I, as her client, believed that justice would prevail for this wonderful person but it has not and I am sad for the system now because it has lost a great attorney.

I want everyone who reads this I would recommend Ms Abele despite having a "suspension" on her record because I believe her and she has no incentive to lie but if a cop trips someone and it gets reported certainly would. It is my understanding that a witness saw the trip but somehow he wasn't believed either.

— Hunter Timmons

My so called simple parenting plan had turned into an ugly nightmare of a year and a half of litigation. Ill gotten DVPOS, other hideous accusations, wasted money, and my precious daughter growing up with my ability to see her being severly limited. My first attorney got another job, leaving me pro se. I found James Christianssen an outstanding individual and Father's Rights Advocate. He gave me some much needed assistance and referred me to Kathryn. My trial was looming in the distance, I didn't really expect to get help. Right away I could tell she was a straight shooter, not someone who was going to give me the run around. She took on my case, learned a massive stack of legal papers in no time, and her and her more than able assistant were ready for trial right on cue. Because of them I will have a relationship with my daughter without supervision and free of control of the mother. Thank you so much, I would recommend Kathryn to anyone.

— Recent Client

She assisted me with proving that I am a fit father and was also able to prove that my ex-wife utilized "Abusive Use of Conflict" and "Parental Alienation." She successfully argued to the Court of Appeals and had a previous ruling that violated my civil liberties as a parent overturned. Thanks to Kathryn,  I am the custodial parent of my two children.

— anonymous 

Ms Abele was been involved in my case for nearly 2 1/2yrs. She handled all matters of the case well in my opinion. She explained the laws and codes to me and advised me on why something should or shouldn't be done. I trusted her council and feel that my involvement in the family court system was better then if I tried to go through alone. 
My observations of the interactions between her and her opposing councils was that she was respected by them. 
She would respond promptly to any messages left, and was very through in her work. And while I will or would gladly use Ms Abele for any future legal representation, it's my hope that I wont have to.

— John