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Abele Law firm offers a wide range of exceptional legal services in all areas of family law, encompassing dissolution of marriage or domestic partnerships, legal separation, paternity, child and/or spousal support, child custody, post-judgment modifications, domestic violence and related issues. We are a full-service family law practice with extensive experience in complex financial and custody issues, which allows us to produce individually tailored strategies and solution-focused results. We frequently collaborate with other professionals as consultants or experts to structure family-appropriate outcomes, no matter the complicated legal or factual framework involved.


About Us

At Abele law, we are committed to providing thorough, effective and ethical advocacy for our clients, while offering support, resources and counsel during all stages of the proceeding. We recognize the oftentimes highly emotionally charged aspects of family law disputes, where even amicable separations require stressful, life-altering decisions to be made.

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Areas of Practice

We offer full or limited-scope representation in litigation and in mediation, while recommending a range of dispute resolution options, depending on what is suitable for each client. Containing conflict and problem-solving possible solutions outside of court often produces more favorable, cost-effective resolutions for those in family law disputes. Yet, settlement is not always possible. In instances where court intervention is necessary, we maintain a strong commitment to comprehensive trial preparation and vigorous advocacy.

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Our Approach

Our approach is to evaluate all possible outcomes, educate clients to enable informed decision-making, and devise creative strategies aimed at achieving the overall goals of clients. We consider the relationships we build with our clients as integral to our overall success. Additionally, we recognize the sensitive nature of family law matters, where maintaining discretion and protecting the privacy of our clients is paramount.


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Kathryn took on our case very last minute when nobody else would. We were set for trial in less than three weeks. She was not only able to get our trial continued to a later date but she was also able to settle our case out of court, saving us thousands of dollars. Kathryn was always available when we needed her and attentive to our needs and requests. She truly is a firecracker in the courtroom. Something you want when you have to fight for your children. We appreciate everything she did for our family very much. Thank you Kathryn... Go Hawks

— Mikey, September 18th, 2017

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For More than 15 years, Kathryn Abele has devoted her career to making a positive difference in her client's lives.